English Translation for the Testimony from Ms. Liu Juan (2014)


         Now, many people in society who have ulterior motives and lack morality are using my name to attack and slander H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, my Bud­dha Master. I feel very furious and sad! Actually, you do not know the real situation at all and only see the superficialities. As a matter of fact, during the entire period of more than ten years since I became a disciple of my Buddha Master, every time I meet with my Buddha Master, He has always been so compassionate, so kind, and so caring about everything concerning those of us who are disciples! He is never concerned with the defamation against Him and just bears living beings’ sins!

        There were quite a few times, when I paid homage to my Buddha Master, that I mentioned I wanted to write a statement of clarification to testify that my Buddha Master never defrauded me. However, He always dissuaded me. Now I see more and more immoral persons using my name to slander my Buddha Master. I cannot stand this anymore. I want to state the fact clearly. The great H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has always been my most revered master! He never defrauded me! I hereby give this statement for the purpose of clarification!

Liu Juan (with fingerprint)
June 11, 2014

English Translation for the Testimony from Ms. Liu Juan (2014)

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